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Known for its amazing photos and exclusive maps

50 million readers in 31 different languages

Has financed more than 10,000 research projects

National Geographic

– a window to the world

The yellow frame on the cover of National Geographic is a window to the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow: Through exceptional articles and photos, readers are taken on a journey around the world, bringing them close to people, nature, historical mysteries, exciting discoveries, current global challenges and the latest in research. NG’s journalists and photographers are among the very best in the world.

Behind the magazine is the National Geographic Society, a almost 125-year-old non-profit organisation that has funded more than 10,000 projects in the areas of science, education and nature conservation, as well as innumerable expeditions that bring new knowledge directly from the field into your home. Globally, the magazine is published in 31 different languages and has 50 million readers. Bonnier Publications has published the magazine by licence in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish since 2000.

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Read the latest issue, see the beautiful photo galleries and explore National Geographic's news on the website, where you can also upload your own photos and enter the contest for the best reader photo of the month.


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“The magazine that inspires you to take care of the world”