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Published in 21 countries on three different continents

Has approx. 3 million readers around the world

4,000 have subscribed to the magazine since issue no. 1 in 1984

Illustreret Videnskab

– more than 25 years in the service of science

Since the magazine was launched in 1984, Illustreret Videnskab (Science Illustrated) has been the largest magazine on science, nature and technology in Northern Europe. Today, the magazine, which is still produced at the Bonnier Publications headquarters in Copenhagen, is available in 21 countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Greece, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Estonia, Slovenia, Italy, Thailand and Canada.

Illustreret Videnskab presents cutting-edge global research within all branches of science. The articles in each magazine are based on close collaboration between the editorial team and experts in the various scientific areas, and accompanied by images obtained from leading international photographers and photo bureaus. Illustreret Videnskab is also known for its unique illustrations that provide simple and accessible explanations of complex concepts which are not easily expressed in words.

Editorial team

The Illustreret Videnskab editorial team can be contacted at:, where you are welcome to send ideas for and comments on articles, questions for the Ask Us (Spørg Os) section and letters to the editor for the Write to Us (Skriv til Os) section.

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Read more about the human body, nature, our planet, the universe, culture, history and the latest in technology on the Illustreret Videnskab website.


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“We take the reader on a voyage of discovery in the world of science”