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Launched in 1987
as a unisex magazine

Published in Denmark, Norway,
Sweden and Finland

Most popular women’s
magazine in Denmark

I Form

– keeping you fit since 1987

I Form is for women who are interested in a healthy, active and cheerful life full of energy and balance. Every issue of I Form presents motivated and useful articles on healthy eating and effective training so the reader can achieve a strong and fit body and the long, healthy life she dreams of. The magazine also provides unique insight into preventing illness and achieving balance in body and soul.

I Form’s readers are typically busy women with a demanding life. The aim of every article is therefore to provide simple and useful programmes, recipes, diets, gear tests, tips and techniques that can make it easier to live a healthy life and obtain the full effect of everything she does. I Form’s comprehensive network of experts on both diet and training contribute in every issue with the latest helpful information within all of the magazine’s healthy topic areas.

Editorial team

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The Ask Us (Spørg Os) expert panel can be contacted at:
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Read more about training, diet and well-being, test yourself and try the popular I Form running route planner and training planner on the I Form website.


Karen Lyager Horve
[email protected]

“We give you all the tools to live a healthy and active life”