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Launched in 2005

Published in the Nordic countries, Latvia,
Estonia, Lithuania and the Netherlands

Largest history magazine in Northern Europe,
with a total circulation of 160,000


– get close to the biggest dramas in history

Historie is a popular history magazine for hungry minds of all ages. The magazine deals with global history and touches on a wide range of topics – from intense war dramas and voyages of discovery to technical triumphs and the wonders of the world of art. The eloquent and fascinating articles are written and edited by leading historians and specialist journalists.

Historie aims to bring the past to life, put the present into perspective and help the reader obtain a better understanding of why things are the way they are in the world. The articles are both informative and entertaining, and the editorial team makes an extra effort to find unique photos and make difficult subjects understandable with detailed maps and graphics.

Editorial team

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Henrik Elling
[email protected]

“We want to bring history to life
– in all its horror and splendour”