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Books and DVDs

Success with series

At Bonnier Publications we also regularly publish our own new books and DVDs, often on topics related to the content of our magazines. Our book series and DVD series are both sold by subscription and recent success include the major DIY encyclopaedia ‘GØR DET SELV LEKSIKON’, the ambitious 12-volume popular science book series ‘Videnskabens Univers’, the DIY DVD series ‘Håndværkerskolen’ and the home workout DVD series ‘Træn Hjemme med I Form’.

We are currently publishing an ambitious book series, Historiens Højdepunkter, which provides a new approach to historical facts by putting dramatic stories in the spotlight. The most important historical heroes and villains are reawoken through vivid language, drama on the battlefield is recreated through detailed maps and epoch-making inventions are explained through large, detailed illustrations.

In addition, we produce under licence a number of DVD series on history and science purchased from some of the best producers in the industry, including the BBC, Discovery Channel and History Channel.

Furthermore, we publish books within the fitness and health area with Effektiv Styrketræning and Flad maven nu og altid being the most recent.