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For the active man
aged 25 years and older

12 issues a year in
Denmark, Norway and Sweden

12 pages of reviews
and tests in every issue

Aktiv Træning

– makes it fun to stay in shape

The magazine Aktiv Træning helps and advises men aged 25 and older to improve their physical fitness and get maximum benefit from their workout, regardless of whether they run, lift weights, cycle, swim or engage in some other type of sport. The editorial team thinks working out should be fun and challenging rather than a chore. The magazine is therefore full of tips and tricks on how to make your workout challenging, fun and motivating.

Aktiv Træning also tests the latest gear, and provides good advice on food and health, as well as preventing injury and staying healthy. And everything is presented in collaboration with leading experts within exercise, health, training and diet.

Every issue also features tips on exciting travel destinations and experiences.

As a new feature, the magazine now has profiles and interviews with celebrities and non-celebrities who consider exercise and health to be very important. Hopefully they might offer some inspiration. Finally you will find well-written articles which can be read to just give you a break from everyday life.

Editorial team

Contact the Aktiv Træning editorial team at:
[email protected]

In every issue, leading experts on training, diet and health answer questions in Aktiv Træning’s comprehensive ‘ask the experts’ section.
Please send your questions for the expert panel to the following address:
[email protected]

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On the Aktiv Træning website, you will find our popular running route planner as well as a variety of articles, training videos, special offers and much more.


Niels Christian Thalund
[email protected]

“We believe it should be fun to lead a healthy and active life”